Find Mountain Bike Adventures When Biking Near Sydney

Did you walk out of your last aerobics class going, “Well, that was boring.” Do you have a mountain bike, and your most adventurous ride so far has been around your neighbourhood? Are you eager to try something a bit more fun and outside, get some fresh air, some fitness and take in some breathtaking scenery at the same time? Then you want to check out Blue Mountain Bikes Australia. The beautiful Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, just 50 kilometres west of Sydney, provide ideal mountain bike adventures and a cure for your fitness blues.

We offer self-guided tours at your own pace that range from a leisurely bike ride around breath-taking scenery to more adventurous rides for those a little more experienced. All our mountain bike trails near Sydney, however, can be done in an afternoon of fun riding, stopping for a little lunch along the way. You don’t have a mountain bike, but love the idea? No problem. We also rent bikes and gear so that anyone can take one of our tours.

A fun day of mountain biking near Sydney

It’s important to remember that you should always bike according to your experience. One trail that’s ideal both for beginners and those more experienced is The Oaks Fire Trail. It’s about 28 kilometres from the Woodford commuter car park (which means you can just take the train back to your car when you reach the other end), it’s a medium grade trail that takes about 3-5 hours to ride. It’s bit longer if you stop for a bite of lunch along the way or some sightseeing, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. You don’t have to be super fit to do the Oak Fire Trail, just average.

You’ll climb a bit in the first part of the ride, once you get to the halfway point, it’s an enjoyable downhill ride the rest of the way. Make sure you stop now and then, however, to take in the view. It’s gorgeous, and on a really clear day, you can see Sydney’s CBD.

Mobile reception varies along the trail, but you can still use your phone to take some great pictures. And you’ll need about two litres of water each for the ride. Fun can make you thirsty!

Try our trails

If you’re interested in a day of fun mountain biking near Sydney, here’s what you need to do. Make sure you go to our website and book a ride the day before you come – we don’t book any rides on the actual day. We offer a variety of rides for all fitness and skill levels. We pick you up at one of two pre-arranged spots (depending on which trail you choose to ride.) Give yourself a few minutes after you arrive to pick up your gear and your safety briefing and then you’re all set to go! We will make sure your bike is correctly set up and you have the tips to have a safe ride. When you’re looking for a fun adventure for you and your family or friends, visit us today.