About Us

Sam (me) is a sprightly young 42-year-old husband, Dad to a gorgeous 4-year-old princess and a 2-year-old daredevil, well-travelled and has a strong sporting and adventurous spirit. My motto is “CAN DO”!

I am a passionate mountain bike lover, experienced rider, and racer and have been enjoying 2 wheels since I first started racing BMX at the age of 4! It’s the simplicity of riding a bike, combining it with the great outdoors and then wrapping it all up into a way of life, or lifestyle, that will see me pedal pedal pedal until I can pedal no longer.

I have spent the last 25 years working in the customer service industry, both working for the man and for myself. Whilst I always enjoyed my jobs and always strived to perform customer service at the highest level, work was work and not passion, which was a real problem. In 2017 whilst recovering from a serious shoulder injury as a result of an attempted BMX comeback (some 30 years after hanging up the wheels), the penny dropped… surely if I combine my biking lifestyle I love so much with this thing they call “work”….. I might actually find my happy groove (ding ding ding #winning) …. and so, Blue Mountain Bikes Australia (BMB) took shape.

So, what is my underlying mission and motto for BMB? It is to, “Provide an outstanding service though the supply of good quality equipment, adventures and outcomes that I would expect and be appreciative of if I was the customer!”. Given my history with biking, my standards and expectations, of course, are higher than most!

BMB is currently geared up to provide mountain bike tours, self-guided bike hire tours, corporate team building days and general bike hire that suit your particular needs. BMB operates as a totally mobile bike service with the capacity to carry 16 bikes at any one time. Bike pick-ups from Sydney south-west can also be arranged. Bikes, helmets, maps, pumps and puncture repair kits are all provided as well as bike fit, safety, and bike operation briefing….. and even some riding tips to help you get the most out of the trails, bikes and the day!

BMB is constantly evolving…. here are some exciting things in the pipeline:

Group Multi-Adventure Day/Days

We are currently linking with some of the Blue Mountains favourite and most trusted Adventure Companies to provide multi-day, multi-adventure tours for teams and groups. Got a corporate or sporting team, school or any other type of group? Our multi-adventure tours can include some or all of the following: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Abseiling, Camping, and swimming. These awesome adventures can all be woven into 1-3 days adventures where all you need to do is turn up (or have us pick your team or group up).

I truly thank you for your time and look forward to sharing your next adventure with you.

Happy trails,