The Ideal Outdoor Experience and Group Activity Near Sydney


If you have a group of friends you’ve known for years who like to get together on the weekends to have an adventure together, we have a super idea for you. It’s also a great idea if friends at work enjoy group activities near Sydney. Why not try a morning, an afternoon, or even an entire day of mountain biking in the Blue Mountains? We’re Blue Mountain Bikes Australia, and we offer self-guided tours for individuals, families, or groups of friends and co-workers of the Blue Mountains, on trails we have found that are perfect for both the person who hasn’t used a mountain bike before to the person who is on their bike every weekend.

These trails are the ideal outdoor experiences near Sydney. You and your friends will enjoy incredible scenic views on trails that you can take at your own speed. Most trails take from 3-5-hours depending on how often you want to stop and take in the magnificent scenery or pause for a bite of lunch. Even if people in your group don’t have mountain bikes, it’s not a concern. We rent bikes and the gear needed to have an incredible and enjoyable ride in the Blue Mountains.

Ideal adventure experiences near Sydney

Our business since 2012 has been organising self-guided tours and renting mountain bikes for individuals or groups who want to enjoy the amazing sights in this UNESCO World Heritage Site at their own pace. You can ride these trails as a decent fitness challenge or use the ride as an opportunity to socialise with friends for fun and a bit of an outdoor adventure. We’ve selected all the trails we recommend in the Blue Mountains because they can be ridden by all fitness levels and by people who have a lot, or a little, experience on a mountain bike.

There is our most popular trail, The Oaks Fire Trail from Woodford to Glenbrook. Or, you can ride the Narrow Neck Peninsula Trail, The Discovery Trail between Katoomba and Leura, or The Hanging Rock (Burramoko) Trail that you can take for 14km, 31km, or 35km, depending on where you want to start your trail ride and the sights you want to see on your journey. These are just a few of the many fun rides that await you when you take one of our self-guided Blue Mountain self-guided mountain bike trail tours.

Get your group together for a mountain bike adventure

A Blue Mountain Bikes adventure is the ideal way to spend a weekend, a holiday, or just a get-away-from-the-city day. You and your friends will enjoy the chance to be outdoors together, seeing some of the fabulous scenery in beautiful natural wonder. Remember to book your tour a day before you want to come out – we don’t make bookings for people who just show up because we need to prepare for your tour. Always check the weather to see how warm or cool your clothing needs to be and always make sure that every member of your group has at least two litres of water on the ride. After that, you’re all set to enjoy a great adventure in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Visit us today and book a tour.