A New Generation of Corporate Team Building in Sydney: Experience the Thrill of Cycling Activities


Let’s face it; managing employees can be tedious and sometimes stressful. There are activities to coordinate, profits to calculate and employees to motivate. Also, depending on the industry and culture of the business, it can be challenging to find a creative way to rally the troops and keep the employees motivated.

As a successful and engaged boss, you likely realise that your valued staff needs more than just another boring work meeting and some free doughnuts to get them inspired to be and do more. But how can you encourage them to go above and beyond the call of duty to make that sale, provide better customer service and work together to rise to the top?

When you’re searching for an original corporate activity, why not schedule a corporate team building experience in Sydney? At Blue Mountain Bikes, we know first-hand how valuable a fun event can be to any business. Our goal is to create activities that will encourage employees to relax a little and bond while enjoying the fresh air.

We take the stress from your planning as well, as we provide everything you need for a memorable and active employee cycling encounter. Our mobile unit carries up to 16 cycles and provides the bicycles, helmets, bike pumps and tyre repair kits. We also offer an informative briefing about cycling safety and trial tips to get you riding!

Encourage Exercise and Adventure with Corporate Team Building in Sydney

We often hear that the 21st Century sedentary desk job holds the same health hazards that smoking does. Also, it’s no secret that when folks are sequestered indoors for extended periods of time without exercise, their enthusiasm may dwindle, and tempers can flare.

Now savvy managers can encourage their employees to get up and outside by providing them with unique team building activities in Sydney. We aim to offer a host of carefree cycling events for every level of fitness. Even if you have employees who have never cycled before, we can provide all the equipment needed for an inspiring corporate event.

Spend the Weekend Exploring the Outdoors on Two Wheels

We offer businesses an alternative and exciting way to encourage employees to bond while getting some exercise. Imagine boosting the mood of your workforce and creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors as they participate in an amusing guided cycling tour!

Thankfully, team building has come a long way from the traditional, mandatory, and boring corporate boardroom presentations. The new generation of employees demands more from their jobs, and now managers can deliver. It’s time to surprise your staff with a fun-filled day ride or weekend excursion that fosters team building on two wheels.

We organise Corporate Team Building in Sydney with the modern business in mind. We create events that allow for 100% employee participation and create an opportunity to develop lasting bonds and pleasant memories. Give us a call on 0432 699 212 and find out how we are paving the way for a new cohort of happy, well-adjusted employees, one ride at a time.