Experience the Best Corporate Team Building Activities in the Blue Mountains

Studies have shown that happy employees are a genuine reason for a thriving business and that team building is an essential element for more content and productive employees. While most would agree that the term ‘team building’ means employees interacting together to bond, the types of activities that are considered useful remain relative.

Since research validates that a high percentage of corporate personnel are wary of traditional team building activities. They dislike being thrown into an awkward situation where they are forced to share personal feelings to strengthen work relationships; making it essential for managers to find activities that don’t make employees uncomfortable.

When you’re looking for an alternative to a forced group exercise that many employees simply can’t stand, why not foster team growth with a group cycle? Offering large and small group cycling excursions, Blue Mountain Bikes provides corporate team building in the Blue Mountains.

Team Building Experience in the Blue Mountains

The key to successful team building is creating activities that appeal to different personality types and that don’t force anyone into an uncomfortable situation. When you want to provide your team with an activity that will create a quantifiable and positive impact on your staff, take them cycling! We offer businesses the opportunity to engage and delight their employees with unique corporate team building activities in the Blue Mountains.

Each event is tailor-made to suit your staff needs and distinct corporate culture. We provide people with varied fitness levels with an alternative to conventional exercise. Additionally, we offer individual guided bike hire tours in Sydney and the surrounding areas, self-guided hire tours and general bike hire for anyone who wants some adventure.

Our large or small group excursions can accommodate up to 16 people and a weekend outdoors pedalling the stress away may be just the event you need to motivate your staff in a new direction.

Move your Business in a New Direction with Mountain Cycling

If you’re interested in a corporate cycling tour but don’t know anything about bikes, we’ve got you covered. Our mobile service accommodates up to 16 bikes and includes everything you need for a successful bike excursion. All you need to bring is your employees and the willingness to try something new as we supply the maps, trail tips, mountain bikes, helmets, and tyre patch kits.

It’s easy to book your Team Building Experience in the Blue Mountains online. Be sure to make a booking 24 hours before you wish to ride and confirm the designated pick up location. We typically pick up groups in the Katoomba Blue Mountains for the Woodford Train Station, which is easy to find.

All we ask is that you arrive about 15-20 minutes early to go over some safety tips, fill out the paperwork and bring your sense of adventure! Don’t get stuck in the rut of boring conference room team building seminars. Elevate your crew’s bond to a new level with a one-of-a-kind corporate event in the Blue Mountains.