Five Things You’ll Love about Mountain Biking and Where to Find Sydney Bike Tours


If you’ve wanted to try something new, give us a chance to show you why you’ll love mountain biking. There are so many things to love about mountain biking that it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few points – but we’ll try. Here are our top five reasons to give mountain biking a try.

  1. It’s challenging

    If you’re one of those people who gets bored when not challenged, then mountain biking is for you. With hills to climb, descents to fly down drops to conquer, and ledges to make it up, there’s never a dull moment. However, it’s not too challenging for beginners. There are plenty of rides for newbies, and many ways to make a particular trip easier or harder. Make it as challenging as you need it to be allowing for fun.

  2. You’ll see beautiful places

    Of course, you can see beautiful places hiking on foot, but a bike will get you there faster. The Blue Mountains is the perfect place to fall in love with mountain biking. From the deep canyons and soaring cliffs to the eucalyptus forests and roaring waterfalls, you’ll get a great workout while surrounded by awe-inspiring natural wonders.

  3. It’s a great escape

    Everyone needs a break from the office. On a bike, you’ll focus on the ride – not the huge project your boss assigned at the last minute, the fight you had with your parents, or all the yard work you need to do. Forget all that and escape for a while on a bike in the mountains – that’s reason enough all on its own to love bike tours.

  4. You’ll stay in shape

    Exercise is good for you in so many ways, including more lean muscle mass, a lower heart rate, lower cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, and a positive outlook. Mountain biking provides a range of low- to high-intensity workouts – or anything in between. Work your core, arms, and legs – mountain biking is indeed a full-body workout.

  5. It’s a social activity

    Mountain biking is wonderful in its own right, but there’s more to it than just cycling. It’s also about camaraderie. Get out there with your friends and push yourselves to finish a challenging ride – then celebrate with a cold beer. Mountain bikers form a great community of folks who love to work hard and play hard. So, the question isn’t, “Why should you try mountain biking?” It’s, “Why shouldn’t you?”

Where to Go for Bike Tours in Sydney

Are you convinced that mountain biking is for you? Give it a try with Blue Mountain Bikes. We have a range of bikes available for hire for individuals or groups. Our primary operation is in the Blue Mountains area but ask us about service to Sydney or Manly for corporate or group bookings. We love helping new mountain bikers discover its exhilarating pleasures – contact Blue Mountain Bikes to book Sydney bike tours.