Essential Tips for Bike Riding Beginners and Where to Find Bike Hire/Rental in Sydney

Are you new to mountain biking or thinking of trying it out? There are few things to know that will help you progress faster and have a better experience on the trails. Some basic knowledge can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy mountain biking and whether you decide it’s something you want to stick with (spoiler alert: most people who try it get hooked).

What to wear

When you’re just starting out, you don’t need to go all out and buy a full bike kit. However, you will need some basic safety equipment such as a helmet and gloves, along with comfortable clothing. Padded bicycle shorts will keep you more comfortable. If you decide to continue mountain biking, you’ll probably want to invest in knee pads and a cycling jersey as well.

What to bring

Be sure to bring along plenty of water and a few healthy snacks to keep up your energy. A lightweight waterproof layer is a good item to pack in case the weather changes (as it can, and quickly, in the mountains). Other things you may need include a spare inner tube, a pump, and tyre levers. Of course, also remember your cell phone – especially if you’re riding on your own, which isn’t recommended for beginners or, really, anyone.

Pacing yourself

Mountain biking is a full-body workout that’s challenging for beginners – but with a little pacing, you can work up to higher performance levels gradually. An excellent way to start is with some shorter rides of just an hour or two, staying in the easy gears. You’ll still get a good workout, and your legs won’t tire out too quickly. As you get used to the exercise, mix things up. Try for a longer ride at a steady pace for an incredible fat burning and endurance fitness challenge. Or, spike a gentler pace with harder sprints or climbs to give your cardiovascular health a boost. Don’t forget to warm up with 10-20 minutes of comfortable riding at first, and to cool down the same way when your ride is over.

Where to go for bike riding hire in Sydney

Now that you know how to get started, the only question is where to get started. There are many trails in the Blue Mountains area where bikers of all skill levels can find the perfect ride. If you’re just trying out mountain biking for the first few times and you aren’t ready to commit to investing in a bike of your own, consider a rental at Blue Mountain Bikes. We offer bike hire in Sydney for individuals and groups who wish to explore the breathtaking beauty and nature of Blue Mountain – and have the most fun possible while they do it. We can also accommodate group bookings in the Sydney, Manly, and other areas.

Mountain bike riding is an exhilarating, unique experience; don’t miss out any longer. If you’re planning a trip to Blue Mountain, add hitting the trails to your itinerary – you’ll be glad you did. Contact Blue Mountain Bikes today to book your bike rental in Sydney for tomorrow.