Self-guided tour of a Blue Mountains Trail One of the Best things to Do There

One of the best things about living in Sydney is that you are so close to the Blue Mountains. About 50 kilometres west of the city’s CBD, this beautiful outdoor location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ideal place for Blue Mountains hiking. Mountain biking is also one of the best things you can do in the Blue Mountains, and Blue Mountain Bikes Australia is the perfect place to go for a self-guided tour of the Blue Mountains. We have located the best trails through this incredible natural wonder for all fitness levels and biking levels, from beginner to experienced.

Whether you’re interested in a scenic afternoon’s ride through some of the best spots in the mountains on the edge of Sydney, or if you’re looking for a more adventurous but still doable ride along some of the most scenic trails you can find anywhere, please visit our website and book a tour. If you or a friend don’t have a mountain bike, don’t worry. We rent bikes and all the appropriate gear to make any ride safe and fun. We know a Blue Mountain trail for every level of fitness and biking skill.

Try one of our self-guided tours in the Blue Mountains

If you’re looking for a scenic, somewhat more leisurely ride, you want to try The Discovery Trail, so named because of the amazing sights you’ll see along the trail. The Discovery Trail takes you from Katoomba to Leura. It can be anywhere from a 3-5-hour ride, depending on your skill level, and the number of stops you take to catch your breath at the beautiful scenery. You can do a short 15-kilometre version of the ride or a longer 40-kilometre version, depending on your personal preferences.

If you want something a bit more challenging but still approachable, try The Narrow Neck Peninsula Trail. This trail comprises several different routes along the ridgeline of the mountains. You will also ride down into the Megalong Valley. It’s a medium grade ride, and your skill level will dictate how fast you want to ride on the trail. There are many scenic turnouts with incredible views. This ride is also 3-5-hours and is either 22 KM or 35 KM.

These are only two of the many self-guided tours in the Blue Mountains that we offer. We design most of our tours for people who want an enjoyable afternoon of riding, some fitness, a little bit of adventure and perhaps a stop for a bite of lunch. Perfect for you, your family, and your friends.

A tour for every fitness and skill level

Blue Mountain Bikes Australia have been in business since 2012, but we are recently under new ownership. Our tours are a great way to have fun, particularly if you’re with a group of friends. While our main area is the Blue Mountains, if you’re interested in doing some biking in Sydney or Manly, we can help you with that as well. For your peace of mind we will get you set up with the correct riding position and ensure you have the tips you need to have an enjoyable and safe ride. If you’re interested in a Blue Mountains adventure, don’t forget to book a tour on our website a day in advance of when you would like to come. You’ll have a great time, and get a bit of fitness too. Visit us today.