Building Better Teams, One Bike Ride At A Time


These days businesses large and small are always looking for ways to get more production out of their employees. With the highly competitive business environment, it is extremely important for business owners and company leaders need to find ways to get their people working better together. One of the more popular ways these days is called team building outings.

This is where the company pays for a number of their employees to go outside of the plant and participate in activities that have been set up to get them to work together as a team. There is an unlimited number of things that can use in order to accomplish the goal of team building. If you are in the Sydney, Australia area there is a company that offers a great opportunity for setting up an outing in the middle of the week that won’t interfere with your employees normal time off.

The company is called Blue Mountain Bike Tour and they put together quite an amazing offer. They make it extremely easy for any size company to sign up one or more teams of employees to take part in a fun-filled day of getting to know your coworkers.


Blue Mountain Bike Hire Australia Business Team Building

Mountain biking is very popular in Sydney and there are a number of different trails in the greater Sydney, Australia area. Blue Mountain Bike Tours have established a really fun way to get to know everyone on your team and they provide most everything that you will need. The only thing you will need to worry about is getting everyone on your team together in the designated area and the people at Blue Mountain Tours takes care of the rest.

They supply the equipment, including a bike for each team member, a bike safety helmet which is a requirement. This makes it really easy for companies to make plans for the outing and all they need to do is make arrangements to get their employees to the beginning of the trail.

How Does It Work

The whole idea of team building is to have the whole group to participate and help to encourage every member of the team to get the most out of the activity, no matter what it is. The Blue Mountain Bike Tour created what they call their mid-week tour that is perfect for a big or small group to ride the mountain bike trails together.

Since not everyone has the exact same riding skill level there will be some amount of challenge in order to work together in order to complete the ride as it is set up. While mountain biking might not be what most people think of when it comes to team building activities, but when you have such a natural resource like the Blue Mountains so close, why not take advantage.

The Blue Mountain Bike Tour website makes it extremely easy to get everything set up in advance and all the arrangements can be made from the website. This includes getting details about specific riding trail that is part of the tour.

Oaks Fire Trail – Woodford to Glenbrook

The trail was selected for a number of reasons, but first and foremost it is very friendly for beginners and intermediate skill riders. The normal route has all of the riders get started at the gate at Woodford and end up in Glenbrook which is situated in Blue Mountain National Park. This is one of most beautiful of places in Sydney.

The ride starts with a nice downhill run of about 2 km that has you winding down toward the midpoint of the trail. The total ride should be easily accomplished in the allotted 3.5 hours and it will depend on how many stops your group wants to make. With all of the great views that are part of the trail ride, it would not be surprising if at least some of the group may want to make several stops to enjoy the view. The big challenge would be to be able to work together and agree on the time that you are wanting to complete the ride as a group.